Esperanza For A Healthier You

This song  I wrote it , because I kept on having the same dream over and over so I wrote a song about it and named it.  Kissing me in my dreams.

This is a slid show I put together I named it 911, some of the pictures are my and others, the song is by The name of the song is called Muslim Maniac. This link will take you where you can buy the CD

Muslim Maniac

I wrote two songs, I had one of my friend to put music and sing  both of them.  In the bottom you will find their name and the website where you can buy a CD. If you want to buy the Lyrics you can email me at  .  Please take some time and hear both of them.

The first one is call  I Said   the other one is call  Kissing me in my dream.

Esperanza two CD for sell

Esperanza two Lyrics for sell.